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Posted:This is a tutorial series on how linear extensions can be used to break down everything from flowers to polyrhythm hybrids and third-order motions. The lesson get broken down with the aid of helpful computer graphics that overlay visualization tools as well as simulations of the tricks themselves. Please take a gander and leave me some feedback!

If you found the stuff in these videos helpful, be sure to check out my reading companion to the series at my website


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Posted:Nice videos Drex, I watch them religiously on youtube smile


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Posted:Really awesome videos Drex and its clear the amount of time and effort that was spent on them!

If i was to do them in sequence im only on the 3rd video i think, the one where you are explaining horizontal linear extensions and i am still having a few problems getting it, Im sure it will just come with practice but i can extend from the center to my right (im right dominant so that makes sense) but boy its a shocker the other way! my hands also seem to noticeably flap up and down too whilst i do it frown this and Zan's method of taking a split time butterfly and trying to increase the motion left to right are the only ways i have seen to learn it properly. Im sure i will get it through time but does anyone else have any hints?

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Posted:When I get back to the states, I'm going to go on a youtube binge with all the Poi Tutorials I've been missing.




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Posted:Nice movies mate I have seen them an appreciathe your stuff. It is realy helpful.


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