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Forums > Help! > Fire walk organiser in Wellington?

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Location: Wellington, NZ
Member Since: 5th Oct 2008
Total posts: 8
Posted:Hi all,

We're getting hitched in December and was thinking doing a fire walk would be good entertainment for afterwards laugh3 so we're trying to find someone that does that kind of thing

Anyone have any ideas??? bounce2

Location: England
Member Since: 19th Feb 2002
Total posts: 43
Posted:Just do it, use birch logs build a large fire in a couple of stacks like jenga. Rake it out once its pretty well all burned. your looking for embers like a cooking fire no wood.

Would be nice to have a guide on your first time, we had one from a holistic place in Scotland called Tir na nog, they might have a friend on the other side of the world is a small world after all. We did an arrow break before it, placing an arrow in the neck just above the coller bone in the soft bit in the middle. the back of the arrow into a board with a part drilled hole to fit the arrow. and step forwards...

With the fire set your intentions build some energy in focus and meditations. focus on the other end and dont stop but dont run slow and steady wins the day.


the arrow break was much more scarry than the fire walk but im a fire performer so pretty used to fire.

good luck and congratulations.

smoking makes you look cool His Majestys personal Elvis

Location: Wellington, NZ
Member Since: 5th Oct 2008
Total posts: 8
Posted:Thanks! Why didnt I think about just doing it?! We have a perfect space on the lawn for it and we could have a few practice runs before the big day!

I guess I was a bit hung up on having someone guide us though the first time tho I'm more concerned about making sure we prep the fire correctly than I would be about walking it.

Do you know why birch specifically is used?

Thanks again!

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