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Posted:Aloha all!

Did my first burn with fire fans this afternoon. What a thrill!

Question: how do I "spin off" the extra fuel after soaking. I tapped the wicks on the side of the fuel can. Then I did a few downward whips to throw off extra fuel. I still had some dripping. And I feel bad about putting that out in the environment.

2nd Question: DANG does ultra-pure always make such a smokey horrid smell? I've used white gas before (palm torches) and don't remember anything like that. I definitely couldn't have used that in an indoor setting. What do you all use?

For today's burn, I soaked my wicks in ultra-pure and then added a few drops of white gas to start them off with a bang. Whew! Almost TOO much of a bang. This will need more practice.

ANY guidance or suggestions are most appreciated. smile

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Posted:Not sure about spinning off, but fuels tend to have different names depending on where you are in the world, so you might want to try and get your hands on an MSDS, and figure out what you're actually burning.

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Posted:usually id say similar to spinning off poi but if youre thinking about the environment then the only option i can think of is get a towel/absorbent rag and lightly squeeze the fire heads after tapping them off the fuel can -it will likely absorb a bit more than intended but its the only environmental way i can think of doing it

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