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Posted: hi friends. i've been playing with this idea for a while and thought i'd share to see if anyone else has found success or done more to explore the idea.

a while ago while working on five beat weaves i noticed that every time i went through the pattern i would hum or whistle the same little tune in time with the movements. just some little tune that (i think) i made up that fit the timing of the various elements of the weave.

when i noticed this i started paying more attention and realized there were a few more compicated flowers and patterns to which i had likewise pinned (different) little tunes that were in sync with the movement of the pattern.

anyway, i thought this was kind of interesting so i started actively ttaching mnemonic tunes to new patterns as i've learned them and it's actually been quite helpful in the learning and practicing of new stuff.

anyone else tried the same thing or explored it? if you haven't, give it a shot. i'd be curious to hear if anyone else found it helpful.


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Posted:Hi Trace. I've been doing that since I started Poi, after finding it helpful in other fields.

I find that the synchronization of he sound to the moves greatly speeds up the learning process in much the same way as does spinning in a synchronized manner to music with a descent beat.

I'm glad to find that I am not the only one who makes use of this concept.

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