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Posted:Ive recently decided to try my hand at writing some poetry. Only problem is that I forgot what was taught to me in school. I cant remember any of the guidelines for the different forms of poetry like how many syllables go in each line or which lines should rhyme and so on. Does anyone have any links to sites that hold such information? Ive tried searching on my own but I must not be putting in the right search words.

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Posted:try searching for things like 'rhyming couplet' or 'iambic pentameter.' They should turn some stuff up. Or you could try searching for types of poetry like sonnets or haikus.

Haven't actually tried any of this so it may no work. U may have tried it already. Who knows? Not I

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Posted:i write poetry, but i dont know any of that stuff about syllables and things like that, i dont think you need to really. but then saying that my poetry is fairly terrible
so my advice would be to get on and write, dont worry about tryng to make the lines the right length on make it rhyme or anything like that, just write the thoughts that come in your head as they occour to you and build on them.

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Posted:What Oli said.

I was a performance poet for a few years of my life (the pay is awful!) and most of my best received pieces didn't rhyme at all.

The key to a good poem (in my opinion) is to make it look like art, rather than a story on its own. Of course, it can tell a storey if you wish as well.

If you want to brush up your rhyming and rythym, I suggest reading as much Dr Seuss as you can gets your hands on, brilliant stuff!

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Posted:gotta love Dr. Seuss...

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Posted:A wise guru once told me when I asked for staff moves that the moves should flow from you. Any art is this way. Don't get so wound up in form and such! Just as you can tell the difference between the poi kid who has excelent form and the one who's moves simply "flow" from him, often petry is the same way.

Of course, I've always been a color outside the lines kind of person, so anything limiting takes on those overtones for me.


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