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Posted:does anyone know of any good alternatives to kevlar rope wick? i am looking for something i could possibly pick up at a hardware store or someplace instead of from the internet. i wanna make some monkey fists before the weekend since its supposed to be so nice out and would never get the kevlar wick in time frown. any suggestions would be much appreciated, even if it is just something that would work for a couple burns would be fine its just a temp solution so i can spin in the beautiful weather.

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Posted:The key thing is to get a substance with three main characteristics.

1. Find the temperature your fuel burns at from its MSDS sheet and get a material that burns at a higher temperature.

2. Check that it will not be loosened or be broken down by your fuel and that it is absorbing enough to hold the fuel.

3. Ensure it is hardy and able to take knocks and abrasion for a long period of time before it becomes weakened and therefore dangerous.

Its a long list that very few materials can fit...

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