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Posted:I've just started out Meteor Poi and I need help finding out the name of a trick I saw a performer do. It involved spinning the Poi continuously around one hand so it rotated over and under it in a circle. I think that this was originally a staff move but any help on the topic would be appreciated.

Iv linked a video to show you what I'm looking for, he does it at 0.57 into the video;

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Posted:What an epic social discussion theme ! :drolls:

For example you can use google to search for meteor staff an you will find
there is another category called other toys where you can find staff like this:
or your can visit so called learn, it's clearly visible in the top site menu where you can find this:
We can discuss how to use some basic seach skills or how to post
threads in correct categories for example..

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Posted:I'd be offended if you weren't so gosh darned helpful. Thanks and I'll try to watch where I put my posts in the future.


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