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  Posted: Hi Flow Family,

So i just passing the word to the local community that in January Myself and a few other local hoppers and flow peeps are hosting Jen Rauscher aka JennuineFire !!!
Were hosting 2 workshops, One on fabrics\silks and one in the world of hoops and trickery. We are going to do our best to set up a communal burn after everything as well.
So what does this mean?? Come meet some of you local community south of you!!
Have questions??
Ask them here or via the facebook

That is all. Thank you for your time.
Mike Guymon

Event Page !!!

"Aerial Fabrics - Level 1"
This class is for anyone new to aerial and looking to build the stamina and strength to be able to create and perform sequences and combinations of aerial dance with proper form and knowledge of safety practices. It is also a great alternative style of fitness that stimulates your brain and body, leaving you with instant results and gratification! We'll learn basic poses, foot locks, and stunts, no experience necessary
Ages 8-70 welcomed

~basics of strength training, conditioning, climbing, and wrapping on the fabric
~conditioning to do at home, at a playground, or fitness center
~basics of yoga and body alignment for balance and breath work
~flexibility training and conditioning for healthy, strong joints

*No pre-requisites
"Stunts, Transitions and Trickery: A Hoop Class for every spinner, trickster, and dancer"

This class is intended for any flow artists, dancers or enthusiasts looking to broaden their access to movement with props like hula hoop, Poi, staff, fans, and more! With our primary focus being on the hoop, we will learn skills that are easily transferable to any prop, any dance style, and almost any skill level! Learning the basics of transitioning we can seamlessly string our stunts and tricks together to create a cohesive and memorable routine, every time you start to boogey!

-tosses, isolations, flips
-illusions and slide of hand
-no-hands prop-manipulation and general silliness
-behind-the-back weaves, tosses, stalls, and fake-outs
-dance style contest at the end: grand prizes---> Color PolyPro Hoop courtesy of JennuineFire or set of Juggling Clubs courtesy of Master Ong's Prop Shop (!

*Pre-requisites: Must leave all fears at the door!

~*~ Location ~*~
Body Fitness
Peoria, IL
~*~ Tuition ~*~

Aerial Fabrics class - $30
Flow Class - $25
Both Classes - $50
Private hoop or aerial lesson - $35
~*~ Schedule ~*~

1:00p-2:45p ~ "Aerial Fabrics - Level 1" (10 students max)

3:15p-5:00p ~ "Stunts, Transitions, and Trickery"--> All flow props welcomed! (20 students max)

*5:45p-7:30p ~ "Aerial Fabrics - Level 1" *****this class will only be available after the first class fills up*****
~*~ To register ~*~

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