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Mark Jackson
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Posted:We can all agree that spinning poi is really fun and there are so many styles out there, but one place I don't see enough people exploring is under the legs. Almost every motion that you can do in any plane (including floor) can be done under the legs. I have been exploring this area quite a bit and have discovered some pretty interesting ways of moving around my poi. I feel that learning this area is a crucial part of developing control because you must be at least somewhat precise to successfully pull off a stream of motions under the legs. Not only does this help control, I also find it to animate the movements of my legs and can incorporate this other aspect to my performance. Besides the points I've mentioned, it's a great place to make transitions from one move to another.

BE WARNED if you are male do not get fancy until you are comfortable with the basics otherwise I don't need to tell you what happens haha.

Anyway it's a great place to practice for beginners and long time spinners alike, and for the latter, can rekindle the passion of learning new moves when you've hit a wall everywhere else.

Let me know what everyone thinks and check out some of my YouTube videos for some under the legs moves I enjoy doing. (The videos are of random practices so you'll have to go to specific times to see the UTL stuff)

Videos below have times where I do a move


1:55-2:03, 3:50-3:56


|Mycelium Mark|

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