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  Posted: Hi! I am looking at buying my sister some Poi gear for Xmas, but have no idea what to buy. She has never done it before. What would you suggest? I would prefer to buy some decent equipment rather than her need I upgrade later.

And no fire. Her hair is too long! Haha

Thanks smile

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  Posted:If her hair is too long she can wear a beanie, or a bandana or a hoodie lol. That or put it in a bun and wet her hair. smile

For a beginner I would suggest getting a set of cone Poi from HoP ( Get the empty one-piece ones, and put bean-bags, balloons filled with a little water, or rice in a bag into the Poi to weight them up (heavier is nicer and floatier).

The cotton that they're made of won't stretch like the Sock Poi that HoP also sells, which screws with some moves like stalls that you'll probably want to learn later on. That and they're very bright UV reactive colours too smile

Also, you can pretty easily put some silicone knobs or PX3 handles (with washers inside) on the end so that you can do tosses, or wibbles, or contact moves once you get around to those.

Basically they're great, much better imo than the stretchy Sock Poi that HoP and a bunch of other shops also sell, and they're pretty cheap so that you still have money left over for Led Poi like flowlights or Ninja Poi (or the new Podpoi I hear Flowtoys are developing :D).

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