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Posted:ive been spinning for almost a year now and starting to integrate 3D into my flow but also trying to learn what i guess would be called combinations or versus. for example a CAP vs horizontal cateye when the left hand does a counterclockwise CAP and the right does a clockwise horizontal cateye. i can do each flawlessly one hand at a time but when i try and combined them i just cant. just the fact that my Poi are doing different things blows my mind. i can do several different hybrids, same direction, opposite, iso vs extension but i just cant wrap my head around this. i probably just need to keep trying but i figured theyre are HoPers out there that had run into this same problem and found a solution

Liquid and Fire is a beautifully breathtaking combination

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Posted:very beautiful Fire Spinning combos here and also slowed down to see the combos and transitions


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