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Trybal Wolf
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Trybal Wolf

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  Posted: Hi Guys. Just found a new flowtoy and thought I would spread the word.

Flowtoys has teamed up with Photonic Bliss, and created the Fiberfly. It is a Fiber Optic Whip with multiple modes.

Check it out here: Flowtoys Fiberfly

Non-Https Image Link

If any of you guys happen to have used one, or have any thoughts on it please post. All I can say is it looks exciting. yes

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  Posted:I've seen these being used. They look craaaazy. The first night I saw it I thought the guy was being eaaten by a giant LED worm.


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  Posted:I've seen it. Though at the time they were called 'Flowbies'. They look kind of cool.

I was much more impressed with the Led Whips that a guy made for the costume of the villain from Iron Man. I've made Led Whips that crack too.

I think they are pretty cool for beginners, but aren't useful for people looking for items to acquire higher level skills.


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  Posted:You should check out the Space Lace Fiber Optic Whip from I absolutely love this thing! it threads into a Stellar Series Flashlight that is made by hand in the USA, has 27 crazy color modes, and other fiber optic accessories that thread into it such as a fiber optic light saber called the Sol Saber.

This is a good video showing off the different color modes:

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  Posted:This is my favorite set of Poi Lights. most incredible that ive ever seen. I was at tomorrowworld, during aly and file, and this Asian girl gave me a light show with these. and i felt like a little kid as i was sitting indian style, with these hundreds of beautiful lights swirling around my body. Smiling. oh great memories -Esh.


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