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Posted:Hellothis is Pink Poi posting at Justines (hence the Pink Flags log in)

Sorry i haven't been posting my hard drive decided to pack it in and i have no money for a new one as they are expensive. Hopefully my darling Brother-in-Law will donate me his old one.

Anyway i have some news - i may be going in the Navy in October 6th (depends if i pass my Pre-Joining Fitness test). I shall hope to post some more soon if i get a hard drive.

Love you all!


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Posted:hey pink,

i thought you had gone MIA.

youll pass the test, near every one i know who took it did! its the psy test you want to watch, if you say you like to spin and twirl with fire they may thinkyou are weird!

still good luck, what branch are you goin into?

later days

Step (el-nombrie)



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Posted:youll have to go to all the intros posted since your computer died and ask your usual question about passion for pinkage.

"Here kitty kitty...." - Schroedinger.



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Posted:you may find that i've taken advantage of your absence and converted some of the newbies onto a blue way of thinking



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Posted:After a week and 2 days of waiting i have a new hard drive kindly donated by my lovely brother-in-law

It is tiny (think it's 3gb) and can only hold Internet explorer and thats about it really! But it means i can go onto HoP once again

Anyway i'm happy. Really really happy and, even though i have only been away a week, i missed you guys!


Never pick up a duck in a dungeon...


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