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Posted:I've personally always wondered how people got into whatever art they are doing, and why it's exactly poi, staff or that kind of juggling that was the struck of lightning that hit them to pursue that art.

I know a lot of people that too have fallen for something, but then stopped few months after, which I believe to be the people not being struck by the lightning of... Passion. Who did it, just be to doing it, and not aiming to progress.

So, as said, I've always wondered how people got into what kind of juggling they do, always been interested in hearing the stories of how the passion came to be. /The people who once did something and don't do it more, usually just shrugg their shoulders and go "uhm..."- so not much of a "story" there. smile

How did you get into it? How did you discover your art, style? What made you keep on pushing to the next level? And why do you do it now?

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Trybal Wolf
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Trybal Wolf

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Posted:I always loved spinning a staff, it was my gate tool. I love finding my flow.

One day, I decided to put wicks on my staff and spin it. That took it to the next level.

I was doing some research on wicks when I came upon nick woolsey's vid "when circles dream remix". Instantly, I knew that I was meant to spin poi.

Once I started, I found it impossible to stop. A day felt like it had been wasted if I had not improved on a poi move. Within the first 6 months, I had put in over 500 hours of practice time.

Poi is infinite, addictive, meditive, and above all fun. I will never be able to stop, or have any thought of stopping.

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Posted:Well, the first time I saw a poi perform was when I were 8 years old on a circus, I didn't know what was dat, but I totally fell for it, then I forgot bout it. Well, a year ago I started seeing a lot of pics in a furry fandom site, a ton of draws with furries dancig poi, Dam I totally remembered that moment wehn I was younger. So I decided to learn how to poi. I started looking around my town for places that could sell a swing poi... But censored, I live in the middle of nowhere, So my contact poi was made by myself X3
I'm still learning, not so good, and I hope I'll poi forevah! smile

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Posted:I've always been interested in the staff, but never really thought about pursuing it (we had a bamboo cane in the garden I used to play with but that was as far as it went).
A few years ago I was at an anime festival, and saw someone spinning poi. I was fascinated, but didn't know much about it at the time and had other things I was working on so again didn't take it any further.
I have been seeing Poi more recently, then I rediscovered a video of one of my favourite singers S.J. Tucker spinning fire and what I'd subconsciously known for years hit me, I want to do that! Spent a few days living at playpoi.com memorising their training videos and finally got around to making some sock poi.
I'm hoing through it to take the staff up properly, and after watching Labyrinth, considering doing contact juggling.

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Posted:When i was 12, i had a friend diagnosed with scoliosis, his physical therapist after surgery recommended him to do poi. He used sock poi. He showed me one day, i had never seen something so limitless before, and i had too learn. Now, I've been spinning for about 5 years and am starting to teach my girlfriend how to spin.


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Posted:I wanted to learn how to fire spin from when I was about 12, had no idea how to learn or what to get. then at Confest 2009 after a particularly bad breakup i saw the fire/drum circle and declared "I'm going to do that" and found a flyer for classes and 3 years later I'm teaching poi staff and hoop.
I started with staff because I had no idea what poi meant at the time and quickly wanted to learn every new thing I saw
I go through stages Poi I like because i feel like I'm doing lots, and currently getting really into aerial arts and acrobalance.

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Posted:i always use to be the kid that would try anything to keep himself entertained (which typically got me into trouble). back in 2007 right before my first year of highschool an uncle whom occasionally use to spin out of hobby introduced me by poi by taking me out to the back yard with his simple little practice set and showing me a thing or two before letting me spin until he had to leave, after that i began to cling to poi. it became an outlet for me, something to do with my hands to keep myself out of trouble, and eventually became a way of expressing myself. when i was happy nearly bouncing off walls and needing something to take my random joy out on id go outside and practice, when i was sad and needed a distraction id go outside and practice, when i was angry. . . well. . . yeah. . . i did get even. . . but then i went back outside and practiced some more. after two years of spinning poi i started bugging my parents because i wanted to spin fire i had actually gotten to the point where i was asking once or twice a day, and i was always told no because they didnt want something to go wrong and see me wind up in a burn unit. 2011 was when i finally started spinning fire. admittedly "running away" to go to the beach and spin fire was possibly one of the stupidest things ive done, i had zero trained spotter's (aside from a massive friend with a bucket of water) and i learned my first two lessons with fire 1. once you start something you have to commit to it and 2. fire is hot/ burnt armpit hair smells horrible. to this date i still spin/breathe fire and spin glow poi as a means to express myself.

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