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Posted:Working on butterfly...but having trouble with my tails getting stuck. I'm pretty sure that it's possible because the tutorial didn't say that it wasn't and I seem to get it down for a few seconds before I become entangled....any advice?

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Posted:The first set of poi i bought had tails and i ran into this problem. they are quite dooable though dont worry! Is it the heads that colide or just the tails? Try really exaggerating an up and down motion with your wrists as that should force the poi to stay in the wall plane in front of you. also try and slow it diwn and see if one poi is ending up at the wrong angle to make them tangle.bare in mind the wind really affects them so if your practicing outside try the tails off for a bit smile
i hope that helps a bit!

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Posted:Harder but do-able. instead of having tight wrists and going up and down. make smaller circles with your wrist. And one poi slightly above and behind the other. hope this helps

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