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Posted:Hi all,

We have been growing our Facebook page lately and here is a competition we are running via our Facebook page.

Got a spinning partner? Show us your best Poi/Staff/Juggling (Fire/LED or Non fire) Photo !

Get together, take a photo and submit it. You can submit as many photos as you like by the submission end date. Then you and everyone else can vote for your favorite entries, and from those we'll pick three winners!
The top 3 photos each get a USD$200 (approx 159.00 Euro/ 128.00 GBP) gift voucher to spend at Home of Poi
Photos must be in by 20th July 2012
Voting starts on 13th July 2012
Voting ends on 3rd August 2012
Winners announced 6th August 2012



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Posted:I am consumed by fire photography in the last few years and now the lovely HoP folk put up a fire photography compo!! \:D/

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