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Posted:I wanted to buy my boyfriend fire poi for his birthday. He is already fairly adept with his led poi, but has expressed an interest in moving on to fire. He has used his cousin's before and is hooked now. However I don't know much about poi, so I'm not quite sure what to buy him. I'd like to get everything he needs for starting, as well as a couple of videos to help him as he is learning. Does anyone have suggestions for me? Thanks ^.^

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Posted:just check out some of the starter kits in the "go shopping" section of the website.

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Posted:i'd buy him any of these ones - fuel adds a bit of weight, so these are good for getting used to a bit heavier poi, before moving onto bigger poi heads, or multiple heads:
& then maybe this one? smile it's for beginners, but flames are quite different to led poi!
have fun! grin

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