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Location: Toulouse, France

Hello everybody !!
Our collaborative graphical juggling & manipulation project is now avalaible online !! bounce2

"Visual Juggling Project" is a succession of suggestions on object motions & body languages,hilighting the graphic side of the discipline. This is the result of the gathering & collaboration of a dozenof international jugglers & manipulators, around various props such as balls, clubs, rings, pois, devilstick& frisbee. It has been made from the shared reflexions, explorations & experiences of those majorstakeholders on the dynamic relationships between tech & flow. This 80 Minutes Hi Definitionvideo (a total of 19 chapters) is the one to get to become aware of the potentialities concerning thatunexplored playground.

Enjoy the Trailer & "Rendez vous" @ !! wink

Peace & Cheers !!