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PridefulWiccanSILVER Member
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Wanting to spin some fire tonight real bad but I can't tell if it's too windy. Right now my weather report is saying there is a south wind of 16mph. Is that too high a winds? This is going to be my first burn at home so I'm not sure (normally I spin on the weekends with a troop of people). Any idea?

willworkforfoodjnrSILVER Member
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Generally its less a case of how safe it is and more can you keep the wicks lit! Give it a go if you're a confident spinner. That said, be careful to spin off properly as a burning bit of fuel can go a long way in high wind...

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MynciBRONZE Member
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a good breeze can result in awesome burnoffs if you do staff wink just keep the wind to your back so the fire streams forwards grin

I wouldn't try any slow spinning in a high wind but 16mph shouldn't be too mad as long as you play safe and as advised spiin off properly.

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