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Posted:Hey guys
My name is Kali im a fire performer/dancer from New Zealand. It looks suspiciously like I will be moving to Canada in the next six months and my first thought was but but my students, my gigs, my daaannnnccee!
So this is a shout out to any Canadian performers out there HELP=) I must admit to being frightfully ignorant about all things Canadian so anything you could help me out with would be awesome. What are the best cities for circus? Who are the best teachers or your favorite performers? Are there any websites or organizations I need to check out. What kind of etiquette would be involved in introducing a new teacher/performer into the circus/fire scene near you? Anything really or is there anyone who might be willing to have a chat when im a little further on in my planning and answer a few questions (we dont have to bother with things like insurance in little old NZ) I am more than happy to pay my dues in a new scene but would love to be able to jump in with both feet keep out of trouble and all that =)
Thanks Kali

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