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Chris_Lu1DIAMOND Member
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I know what I, as a magician and comedian, would do to deal with hecklers.
As a fire performer, although it rarely happens, I'm not as sure.
Thus I post this question to everyone: How do you deal with Hecklers at a fire performance?

adeathlyauraGOLD Member
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I've never had this happen before, but I would just ignore them. I wouldn't want to ruin my show by having to speak out or stop fire dancing just to confront a heckler. Honestly, I think a heckler at a fire dancing show would get dealt with by the audience itself. Most people like fire performance. I think if someone yelled something immature like "you suck!" in the middle of a performance, other members of the audience would probably tell him/her to shut up. I know I would.

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GlastofairyPoi spinner
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Me personally I either ignore them they are stupid to heckle and not worth my time to reply
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willworkforfoodjnrSILVER Member
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Blow em a kiss smile

Or get the sound guy to turn up the bass

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MynciBRONZE Member
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I chop them up and bury them in the body no problem...
Wait, did you mean ON stage? erm something legal, something legal!

*cough cough, points over there and walks in a different direction*
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CharlesBRONZE Member
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If they are in a group of friends, you can include the friends in conversations or as assistants, and talk ABOUT the heckler but not directly to them. Quickly, they will quieten down or start arguing with their friends, and not be directed at you the whole time.

Don't insult them or antogonise them directly. Be nice to them, constantly belittle yourself and agree with every disparaging comment and let the rest of the crowd manage them, and pump you up.

Often, I like to tell the crowd a loud 'secret'. It's ok, he's actually my wife dressed up, like the opposite of Mrs Doubtfire. She's here to stop me flirting...

Lot's of different ways to handle them...

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Man_in_the_maskBRONZE Member
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only been two times ive been heckled the first guy to heckle me popped off with a "i could do better" comment. i stupidly took him up on his challenge and both i and my spotter had to put him out. . . i was still young and stupid at the time, but that should never be an excuse. the second time wasnt quite heckling and i wasnt even spinning fire (was indoors so it was glow poi) a comment shouted by someone in the audience i actually knew "make sure you give that guy a piss test!" <---- possibly the best sort of comment you can have blurted out mid performance(makes everyone smile/chuckle and when you see that out the corner of your eye it's reassuring). though what i personally do? ignore it, have a buddy in the audience to help resolve conflict so you dont have to, have the DJ turn up the music

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ChronosHow is it that one careless match can start a forest fire, but it takes a whole box to start a campfire?
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I got heckled at the other day, me and my teacher was fire dancing, him first then me. Someone shouted out "The other guy was better!", so I walked over to him and smacked him around the face with my burning fire staff!

Just kidding, I punched him in the face!!!

On a serious note, it's best to ignore it, also don't drop your staff straight after the heckle and look like a complete pratt.
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meltingBRONZE Member
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I agree with chalres. dont go to their level. be respectful even if others arent. I saw a performer say to two men. "im happy you two got back together" and to a guy whos girlfriendwas being mouthy " shes louder that the one your vrought here last night". Both made the crowd laugh and make the hecklers look like douche bags.

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