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Posted:There's no vidoes on how to spin with lace and LED sticks. There's just sock and ball! I'm a fav or LED sticks not fire and balls nor hulas. But I don't notice videos on glowstringing!

All I need in this life of sin, is me and my glowsticks!

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Posted:Most of the stuff overlaps and can be done with both, even if the lighter glowsticks make things like stalls and isolations a little more difficult.

Apart from some of the insane wraps that some glowstringers use, there is no real difference between the moves that people do with one or the other.

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Posted:As above. Most of the moves in these tutorials will show up in advanced glowstringing routines anyway.

With that said, however, have you tried Glowsticking.com? They might have more of what you're looking for.