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Posted:Just curious if anybody else is having trouble doing wraps with flowtoys?

I'm fairly new to both arm wraps and flowtoys, so I might just be doing it wrong. The swivel at the flowtoy-end joining is doing something shocking to my forearms when I unwrap. It's actually pretty painful grin

Also, if I spin really fast for about three minutes, the shackle on one of my flowtoys comes loose. They're in crystal cases, so it could just be the friction of the spinning that's rolling it undone, but still -- not pretty when one goes flying halfway through a routine tongue2

Any tips to solve this one?

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Posted:Crystal cases should not prevent wraps too badly. Maybe get them solid with another set of Poi (socks?) first?

Is it only one shackle? Seems a bit strange....

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Posted:on the shackles (assuming you mean what i think you do) i have always had problems with them if you are doing orbitals they start to come undone when ever i spin i check every 4-5 minutes to see if they need to be tighten back up.

i have actually had one of my pro series Led Poi fly and and peg someone in the head at a rave. would love to find a better system to connect the Poi


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Posted:if there are "shackles" or swivels at the poi-head then they are not flowtoys rigs, we would never do that, we make all our connections as smooth as possible, as you can see on our crystalpoi here:
br>and our flowleashes as described in this video here:
br>HoP does sell our crystal cases and flowlights with other leashes, it sounds like that must be what you got, I personally couldn't more highly recommend our flowleashes for wraps. super silky smooth:
br>HoP does not carry them yet, but we ship super fast too grin
may your leashes be as smooth as a flawless wrap ;D

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Posted:by the sound of it i'd rebuild your rigs, swivels aren't necessary at the flowtoy end and the 'shakles' you mention i assume are quicklinks, which have no use on a flowtoys rig. look at some other setup options, my own setup is handle-swivel-colecord-crystal Poi. minimum clunky hardware to get in the way

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