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Posted:So for those interested in either of these products ive used them both!
These are the only two heads i've owned.

Isis: I started out with the isis as my first set and it couldn't have been a scarier choice. The flames are so large on a full soak that I would only soak half the heads for my first 15 spins. The flame sizes and sounds are very intense, very demonic at night. they lasted me roughly 75 burns. Im assuming they went for only 7 months because of the large fuel intake and as we know "what burns the brightest, burns out the fastest"

Great choice overall, weight is fairly heavy, braids had a short life span in my eyes, but well worth it.

heres a link to a video of me spinning the isis.

The new twista heads from HoP are what im using now. And again im extremely happy with them!

Twista heads: theyre roughly heavier then the isis heads and have a small step down in flame size in comparison to the isis. This alone lets me be more comfortable with my movements so it seems to be a good thing or i could be getting much better. I predict a much longer life for these braids as the design seems to scream high quality.

no videos out yet, sorry! but heres 90 different photos of my using the Twista heads.
Burn time: between my isis and twista heads ive ran anywhere between 5 - 8 mins. it all depends on the fuel amount and fuel type. id say an avg of 6mins for each head. Isis generally burns longer and brighter.

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Posted:all videos on my youtube channel consist of the Isis braids as of now


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