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I'm having trouble advancing in poi, because I keep looking up tricks randomly, and not understanding previous movements. There are plenty of tutorial video sets on Youtube, but I haven't found one that had all of the videos still online. Like I'll finish lesson 10, and the next one will be lesson 13 or something. Then I completely miss a chunk of foundation, and that hurts my poi progression a lot. If I had a list, I could search move-by-move instead of following broken lessons. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also, there is a poi move that looks like a butterfly, but it bounces off of the upper arms. Anyone know what that is called?

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It's fundamental to undestand that every tech move is just a
derivative of basic move and technique or manipulation. In fact
there are only basic moves, techniques and manipulation.

Difference between manipulation or technique is that technique
use basic spinning properties like time, direction and circle,
but manipulation is breaking this properties.

For exmaple manipulation you are asking is called wrap and the
name is self explanatory.

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So it would be some sort of butterfly wrap then? I was hoping it had a seperate name, with a seperate tutorial smirk Guess I'll just have to keep watching it till it clicks.

And I meant like the different types of weaves, wraps, flowers, and other moves... what order would they be put in difficulty? I don't know what to learn next, and I feel like I missed a few core techniques.

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you're going to have a hard time finding a list like this. even on HoP there are some "basic" techniques that are advanced in my opinion, and some supposedly advanced stuff that isn't so bad.

my advice is not to worry about it so much. and if that's not helpful advice:

very good beginner section that teaches foundation of poi. very good "beyond the basics" section that teaches more advanced stuff as well as some general tips on posture, etc.

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Yes, but well basic is everytning so if you want to learn more techniques or manipulation techniques simply serch for them, there are plenty of them both around 100 by now.

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There is not really a progression like that. Missing from 10 to 14 will not really affect your progress.

It also varies depending on how individuals structure things for themselves.

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Hey rozen i believe the move youre talking about is the sun wrap. I feel like ive been in your spot before id say learn fromthe bottom up like 3bt before 5bt weave and try learning each move forwards and reverse split time same time together opposite and all that it will help with transitions to other moves n proper technique. Thats what helped me out of my "funk" anyways hope it helps you too

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Everybody is going to find different things difficult, so there's no way a list like that could work -- for example, one could find a reverse butterfly hard to do but a five-beat weave simple.

However, I've got one thing for you. has a fairly comprehensive list of moves for glowstringers, which is a little bit different, but it seems to progress from beginners to advanced. Here's the link.

I hope that helps!

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