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Posted:Hey! I'm sure this has been covered before, but new stuff comes out often, and new posters have new input, so I thought I'd re-ask it for the benefit of myself and other newcomers.

I've got some experience with fire from a few years back, and am looking to get back into some light spining- But I wanna go LED. Sooo...

Can anyone suggest or link some cheaper but decent LED Poi sets, if there is such a thing.

Also, I used to have a nice set of LED glosticks, I think I paid about $10 per, but can't seem to find any through google. Anyone have a source for these?

Thanks in advance!



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Posted:Well do you want it to be in socks or in cords? Socks are quite strechy but in my opinion spinning feels pretty good with them. I never tried LED with cords, but i just ordered pair of colecords (and some other stuff too, xmas present to myself.. :D) cause everybody higly recommends them.

I started up with this:
Then there is multifunction LED balls too, i guess they look more impressive with all the patterns and so..

Here is a cord-option:
That is with the multifunction balls. And with colecords. But you can buy it all in parts too and make your own poi. And take a look of the shop, they have many good options.

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Posted:You can some colecord with flowlights and crystal cases for fairly cheaply: $17 or so.

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