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Posted:Hello Everyone! I am a female DJ/producer and I have started my collection of spinning mixes- "Spin to Me"

The first 70 minute mix is an electro-house (also known as house music with dubsteppy flavor). It is found on my Facebook fan page for FREE! smile I am a fire dancer myself and I spin Poi, Double Staff, hoop, staff, and just about anything.

DJ Natalia Dance Page

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Twitter: @djnataliadance

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DJ Natalia<br />EDM DJ/Producer<br />Fire Dancer<br /><br />* <br />

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Posted:This sounds like it would be really useful for me! I usually spin for two hours or so at a time so a mix is a great idea.
However, I was just wondering if it's possible to download it?


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Posted:Thanks for posting,I'm always looking for new music. I'll check it out smile


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Posted:Hey I like it, But ya way to download it would be awesome smile



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Posted:Originally Posted By: TJ_NJHey I like it, But ya way to download it would be awesome smile

Jdownloader. Google it

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