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Posted:Hi all. i ordered a staff from HOP, it got to the states pretty quick, but its been in customs for awhile now. i was just wondering if anybody has any experience with this.

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Posted:If I buy stuff from the U.S it always gets held up at customs awaiting payment on VAT and Duty. You normally get a letter advising who the parcel carriers clearance agent is and they normally let you know what additional you have to pay. Once you pay them (normally by card over the phone) it gets released.

I used to do customs clearance in the UK and there are loads of things that can cause hold ups. Customs pulling a load for Xray for smuggling checks, anti terrorism checks, the worst is if your parcel has been bundled on a clearance with some illegal foodstuffs that can cause a big old delay because port health don't like it and won't release until all sorts of paperwork has been completed.

No knowledge of buying INTO the U.S though I do know you have some strict rules on import / export contracts.

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Posted:Yeah what mynci said.. I was just going to say the same thing.
Im in the UK and if the order is over I think its 18 here.. it can get stopped and then you have to wait for a letter, but you can pay over the phone usually so its quite quick once you got the letter~
I should think the Us is much like the UK.

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