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I'm a juggler from Poland and... I bet with my friend about one thing... Our friend Iza (she is a juggler too) has birthday for 3 weeks and in spite of this fact my friend told me that i won't collect at least 10 videos in different languages with birthday greetings for her. I need to ask all of you for something. The idea is to make a movie in many different languages becouse one language is not enough to say what you mean wink And here I need your help. If you could record yourself telling birthday greetings in some original and interesting way and send it on my e-mail adress, or compress to .rar and send on some server or send it to me in PM, I would be very thankful. Don't forget to write what the language is,it is possible that I won't recognize it. I'm from Poland. Help me to win the bet. smile It's not a joke, it's very important to me. Thank you!

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