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Want to help some of your spinning contemporaries? The Busking Project and Flowtoys recently launched a contest, with the prompt "How does manipulating objects in public make the world more beautiful?" Here's the link: The Busking Project Flowtoys Contest

There are only two more days to vote. Thanks to campaigning, the leading videos ... well, let's just say that spinners could step up and address the fact that a woman spinning Poi for 50 seconds in a short dress (just a static shot, with no people around) is in 2nd place. Meanwhile, a thoughtful, 5-minute-long, painstakingly edited video featuring Thom Thumb, Ellie Sorokin and Kyle Ford busking all over Chicago doesn't even rank in the top 3. Hrruuugh? (That's the noise that Scooby Doo makes, when there is a confounding mystery.)

Anyway, voting ends on Nov. 28. Right now, there's an amazing video called "Spinners Occupy Chicago" (the one I just mentioned), a hilarious "poi-in-a-monkey-suit" video by Bristol's Joff Jarrett-Kerr, and I (Revolva, from the Vulcan in Oakland, CA) also put tons of effort into a video that spans multiple continents and includes hooping at several "Occupy" camps. Watch them all. Cast a vote for your fave. I just think it would be nice to get some more *object manipulators* voting. The woman in a short dress (current 2nd place) is affiliated with Coachella, a large music festival in the States, and is using *their* forums to solicit votes. Here's a forum full of educated spinners. It would be great to use this one, too. smile

Again, here's the link. Thanks, homeys. ~Revolva

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