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I was looking at the different styles of poi heads and have come across many different names for poi heads: moonblaze, isis, monkeys fist, cathedral, tornado, circle stitch, cork screw, etc.

I have looked at how to make some of those designs, and it seems that the procedure for making most of those are the same, just with different amounts and lengths of wick: moonblaze, tornado, circle stitch, cork screw, and isis.

I'm not interested in burn times, surface area, or any of that at this point; There is already enough information on the web to answer those questions. I'm only curious about the stitching/weaving process right now. I've seen videos, animations and images of how to do different kinds of weaves, but I really can't see what makes one weave unique to another. Perhaps tornado is just a synonym for cork screw (for example)?

So my question is: Is moonblaze the same as circle stich? Is isis the same thing as tornado or cork screw? Is isis the same as moonblaze, except with 4 strands of thinner wick vs 2 strands of thicker wick? Whats really the difference between all of these? Are the cathedral and monkey fist heads the only types of fire heads that are truly unique?

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