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Flight of theIntegral" based on a novel of russian writer Zamyatin "WE"1920 year.

Dramaticframeworkfor the showwas not chosenby chance.Indeed,despite the factthatthis fantasticsagawascreated nearly a century ago, the problemsraisedin this workarerelevant to the presentday. Thefightingbetweenmechanical andliving, rationalityand sensuality, emotions anddryat ternsof world corporationsare particularly relevantnow, in the centuryof technologicaldevelopment of mankind. Weofferadapted fortheater andcircusstaging"Flight ofthe integral"- performance,based onthe novel ofE.I .Zamyatin We". The basic idea of​​all shows made byCircusof fire is areflectionof the latest trendsin showprogramsand ideas,that`s is whythe show "Flight of theIntegral"includesonlybest,relevantand important trends.

Full version Time: 1 hour 20 min in 2 part.
Person: 40
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Jumpers Monotsiklist Laser show LaserManShow Contemporary choreography(modern) Free callisthenics Step Neonshow Breakdance Mime Showholograms

The premiere of a part of show in a festival format has taken place on June, 4th, 2011 on II Universal carnival of fire in Moscow, in a fortress of "Setun". Show integral Flight has won a nomination Complexity of the organization of command work and has received the Memorable figurine and the reading and writing. Some photos and video from performance.

The description of the show and novel
Characters: "D"-D-503- a builderandengineer of"Integral" "O"-O-90-a lyricalcharacter, hopelesslyin love with the"D" "I - I-330 a woman,rebel,revolutionist. "P - ppoetwho wroteaboutthe Benefactor(head of state)blasphemouspoems Keepers-police MEPHI-plotters, helpersof"I" Numbers- the inhabitants ofthe state.

Short description:
In the twenty-sixth century, in Zamyatin's vision of it, the inhabitants of Utopia have so completely lost their individuality as to be known only by numbers. They live in glass houses (this was written before television was invented), which enables the political police, known as the "Guardians", to supervise them more easily. They all wear identical uniforms, and a human being is commonly referred to either as "a number" or "a unif" (uniform). They live on synthetic food, and their usual recreation is to march in fours while the anthem of the Single State is played through loudspeakers. At stated intervals they are allowed for one hour to lower the curtains round their glass apartments. The Single State is ruled over by a personage known as The Benefactor, who is annually re-elected by the entire population, the vote being always unanimous. The guiding principle of the State is that happiness and freedom are imcompatible. In the Garden of Eden man was happy, but in his folly he demanded freedom and was driven out into the wilderness. Now the Single State has restored his happiness by removing his freedom.

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