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torchleinGOLD Member
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Location: Brighton UK

There will be 4 workshops taught by G in Brighton on November 19th and 20th, with a fire party on saturday night.

1st Intermediate class with:

The Airwrap

Stalls on the edge

and lessons in:
2 bt weave exploration - There's a whole world in there. This how you discover it

Floats - Making gravity your friend

Windmill to Hipmill transitions - Opening up the space to understand the paths between them

2nd Intermediate class with:

and lessons in:
Horizontal Stalls - All the keys you need to unlock their trickery

Hybrids - Learning how to combine driving styles

Petal Pushes - Expanding your circles with maximum visual impact

1st Advanced Class:

Exploring Huggies - Such an important transitional position, we revisit this golden oldy to learn some of its secrets

Plane changing with In-spin & Anti-spin stalls - Find some new paths to follow

Beyond the 1.5bt weave - Working it into the rest of your spinning
Locks - A combination of flow and strong stability

2nd Advanced Class:

Split time stalls - Split your brain again

Multiplane - Time to relearn all those flowers

Hybrid Stalls - How did the CAP stall come about
Diagonals - It's a new plane of discovery! Learn the essential skills for your journey into uncharted territory

Spaces are limited to 12 per class so book in early. Cost is 25 for one workshop or 40 for two.

There is a possibility that Grimm Zimmer might be teaching Fans and Levi Stick workshops. If there is interest in this please contact me as the more people are interested the higher the chances that he can be persuaded to come.

And as always with workshops I organize there will be an after fire party to test and apply your new learned skills. For people coming from outside Brighton, you can crash at my place, just ask.

Venue details coming soon.

torchleinGOLD Member
35 posts
Location: Brighton UK

Bookings will be taken on:

or email: