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Posted:I was looking around the internetz when I saw some Carbon Fiber rolls.. And was wondering.. Is there an alternative to Kevlar ? Something better to use? That wont wear out. What are the options we fire spinners have?
Is Carbon Fiber a viable wick?

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Posted:Kevlar is pretty tough.

Cotton is cheap and eaters/breathers will use it.
It will work as the core for a lot of toys.

The only other stuff that will work (has high heat resistance and/or will not melt) that I know of is:
Panther Felt
Treated Wool

How expensive are the carbon fiber rolls?


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Posted:I suggest you look at how this particular carbon fibre is made - often it's stuck together with some kind of 'glue' and that may be nasty to burn.

I was with some friends who put some sections of broken carbon fibre hang glider spar on a camp fire - it burned quite well but gave off some unpleasant fumes.