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Posted:2012 workshops announced at La Escuela Del Sol!

8 straight weeks starting Jan 22, 2012, 6 instructors including Nick Woolsey, Zan and Aurora Moore, Srikanta Barefoot, Alien Jon and Rob Thornburn. Choose one week or all of them. It's gonna be a blast with some of the best talent on the planet!!

More info at: http://www.laescueladelsol.com/2012-poi-workshops/2012-poi-workshops.

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Posted:YES YES YES! This will be an amazing experience.
I'll be kicking off the series with 2 weeks of intensive Poi retreats. What I love about this format is that when we get to leave behind our jobs and responsibilities, we can go SO deep with our Poi practice. I promise you'll go home with a whole new skill set and attitude around Poi. Here's the info page: http://www.laescueladelsol.com/zan-poi/zan-poi-workshop-2
br>See you there! Send me any questions you have.


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