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Posted:Does anyone know how fire eating impacts fake teeth? My teeth next to my two front are fake (crowns? is there a difference? I have no idea...) and I don't want to bust them. Thanks for the info!!!!

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Posted:Have you considered asking your dentist the effects of fire on your dental work? I have heard that there are long term effects on real teeth as well, but at the moment, to you, this is this third hand information.


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Posted:I don't know about fake teeth specifically (it will depend on the exact material your dentist used) but it can destroy real teeth.

Here's a fist hand account that was posted on here a few years ago:


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Posted:What Seye said. terribly bad for teeth and mouth generally.

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Posted:i don't mind licking the wick but i don't put it in my moth or hold it in my teeth, i hear that the sudden heat differences can crack and degrade the enamel on your teeth. I know a 42yr old fire eater and his teeth are a mess but then again he is a bit of a crusty reprobate type so a lot of his dental state could be down to the lack of hygene to start with...

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Posted:well, I just learned fire eating around 3 weeks ago and now I feel like I need to rethink the whole thing....this kinda sucks.

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Posted:As much as I love this particular art, as a fire eater and teacher, I would highly recommend not doing it if you are concerned about the safety of your teeth. Shattered teeth, receding gums, cracks, chips, increase in cavities, loss of taste...never mind all the other copious amounts of health risks.

It's a tough call to make, but I'm sure you will come to the right decision for you. smile


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