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Posted:Ok so heres the deal im going to be teaching a poi class at an elementary school. im going to be doing a demo during lunch in front of everyone. and depending on whos interested a small group will go with me during recess and i will be doing a trial workshop which will be watched by a small group of teachers who will determine weather or not they want me to teach 3 days a week after school. any insights into teaching little kids would be great....

thanks in advance.

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Posted:Well I would say to keep your demo simple, yet fun and entertaining(maybe using characters that relate to the music your using) . Preferably sticking to things that will be easily taught in a short demo class (basic timing and directions combined with expressive movement).

If they have a time frame that they want you to teach for then I would also have a basic lesson plan or a class breakdown. Show how you will be using your time in the classes(warm-up, lesson, free play) and what you hope for them to obtain in the course, like a final performance showing all the skills they learned. All of that may not be necessary but it would definitely show the teachers that it won't just be the kids swinging things around.

Hope this helps.

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Posted:completely agree with g4dget!

Also, don't forget the buzzsaw. Kids really dig that and it teaches some good plane control. Especially if you use some basic plane pending exercises of turning the poi one at a time from the side plane to the inside plane.

This also will help link them into the butterfly as they get to using both hands. smile

Overall, keep it fun and flowy! Have fun and you can inspire them to have fun. smile

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