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its either the best find ever or ....not lmao

ive been reading up (but theres not alot of info on it because its new so it comes across) Apparently its the same as colemans fuel but slightly cleaner less damaging to the environment and less than a quatre of the price of colemans fuel (in the UK)

check it out for yourselves , i wouldnt want to recommend it to anyone because 1. as most of you have probably seen my sparadic comments in the forums you'll know im new to this and 2. because i havnt actually tried it yet.

i want to know if anyones using it and whats the burn like and such. apparently its really safe to store and theyres loads of hype that its better for vehicals but whats it like to set fire to and is it going to have a wimpy flame? im really eager to try it - but as a first fuel i thought i should maybe get some advice first. what do you'll think, should i go for it?

heres a link:

xXx Kayleigh xXx

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