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The Gallery is down and yesterday it said it's cause a new website,
also the Videos page is down today and because this site
is missing the news section does anybody know more info ?


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Interesting. Hopefully it will get more people talking here. I still think HoP is an excellent resource, and more discussion should be happening here.

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It's true:

Quote:With the new website coming soon. We have decided to shut down the old Gallery.
Woooo !


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hopefully they'll bring all the old pics back with the updated system!

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I look forward to see the new site! ^_^

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*cough cough*
New site what now?
When, where, how much?

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this is the second new site since I joined *waits with baited breath"

A couple of balls short of a full cascade... or maybe a few cards short of a deck... we'll see how this all fans out.

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I have unofficial information about new site/design:

Originally Posted By: MalcHopefully in a few months testing can begin.


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I want to be able to post pictures:(

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Malcolm mentioned this new website moons ago elsewhere on the forum...

... :-)



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Two problems so far, banners and accessing pages.

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Not a new design yet. Just someone found a new hack for ubbthreads. Programmer working on it now to get rid of adverts. I have notified google Adsense

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Hi Malcolm,

though I have no clue about what you hold in the pipeline atm, but I would like to make a suggestion:

In the time of Twitter and especially of Facebook, the design of this bboard is... not as attractive as it could be.

Maybe it's what you desire - being able to shift more of your focus towards the production, marketing and distribution of items - but I feel that a buzzing board will help HoP to stay on top of an ever changing and increasingly competitive market.

The social part of HoP has always attracted new members - and thus new customers. It's time to keep up and add the blingbling.

Just my 2 cents hug and thanx to you

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@Firetom what about a facebook app that could keep you connected to the forums while you're on FB?

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