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I've been learning Fans on and off for around a month (Uni term has been restricting my time) but now we're on holiday I can invest much more time.

Problem is, I can only practice movements for about 15 minutes before my arms literally get too tired to swing the fans effectively. I haven't done much sport involving extended stretches of time so I think my muscles are just underused tongue2

Does anyone know anything I could do to improve the strength in my upper arms / shoulder area?


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Posted:Just keep practising =D, I had the same problem when I increased the weight in my poi. At first it was really tiring but after getting used to it, it's fine. Using your fans will build up the muscles you need to use them =D




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Posted:Practice everyday. Slightly longer each day. Try and practise different types of moves that use different sets of muscles. Build it up slowly or else you could risk injury and remember to stretch before spinning and warm down afterwards(not that i actually do most the time).


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