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Quote:Albany, New York (CNN) -- New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the state's marriage equality bill hours after it passed the Republican-controlled Senate on Friday night, making it the sixth state in the nation to legalize same-sex marriage.

Les and I aren't in any rush to get married just yet. We live in CA, so there isn't much point. Even when it is legalized here (and it almost certainly will be with the next elections in a year), it will not be recognized in most of the country. So there's not much point in getting married until it's recognized on a federal level.

But New York is one of the most populous states in the Union and the fact that gay marriage was legalized by legislation, rather than by judicial action, indicates that there is broad public support.

I expect there to be a backlash of hate, especially from various religions that tout themselves as trumpets of God's love (my favorite kind of people). But I view that backlash as a fundamentally good sign. As love conquers hate, hate grows more desperate, more poisonous, more toxic. It sheds its guise of "love" and "morality" and reveals itself for what it really is.

This was our Normandy and we won the battle. It's only a matter of time until we win the war.


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It's unfortunate though that the numbers "For" werent higher.

As far as it not mattering, whether or not the state you're in provides the option of gay marriage so long as you live in a state that recognizes gay marriage done elsewhere, then getting married would change things.

A friend of mine jokingly said something to the effect of "Great, not all my gay friends in NY can make the same mistakes all my straight friends have been making for years." Got to love sarcastic humor.

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I found out about this last night and it made me really happy. Not that I have the urge to get married, but it would be nice to have the option. I live in Texas though, which is not exactly the most gay friendly place to be, so who knows when it'll be an option here. However, Austin is really nice and very liberal, so I'm happy to be here. Love most definitely conquers hate, and I'm looking forward to the growth of tolerance and acceptance across the globe.

This is the second battle we've won this year (that I know of). Just a few months ago, the anti-homosexuality bill in Uganda was withdrawn. The evangelists who fueled the fires of hate overseas lost that battle too. I can't imagine how much energy it would take to hate someone enough to want them executed for their way of life.

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yeah thats pretty messed up its almost the same way in knoxville as well but goood luck and i wish u the best because even though im straight i think people need to get over all the bull censored and let people live happy and i think that poeple should be able to marrie whoever they want so like i said i wish u the best

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Originally Posted By: adeathlyauraI can't imagine how much energy it would take to hate someone enough to want them executed for their way of life.

I have no problem with hatred. None at all. But there's a key difference between them and me: they hate me because I dare to exist.

I hate them because they, of their own free well, choose to deny my inherent dignity as a human being. I hate them because of what they try to do to me and those like me. I hate them for choosing as free-willed adults, to strike out at another human being who has done nothing to harm them or anyone else.

I agree with the German Constitution's first sentiment that "Human Dignity shall be inviolable." But I take it one step further. I believe that human dignity should be forfeitable. If you intentionally deny the basic human dignity of another human who has demonstrably done you no harm, then I believe you forfeit your own human dignity.

And thus, you should be removed from humanity. I would have no qualms about killing such a person. After all, the world did not cry out in outrage with the Nazis were hanged. Was it wrong to hang them after what they had done? None of them were forced into it, or brainwashed or anything else. They chose to do what they did.

In doing so, they ceased to be humans and became monsters. The same as the people in Uganda seeking to execute gays (and the people failing to turn them in).
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It's the ultimate indication that marriage is no longer a religious union and has now been claimed as a secular one.

And about bloody time.

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thats awesome. smile


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