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Posted:Hi all. i am trying to get an idea of how long u can let your poi sit after being spun off and still get a good burn to minimize time off stage because i use three different types of fire toys. Also if any performers have any better ideas as to reducing time off stage that would be excellent. thank you so much

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Posted:5-10mins is fine but if you are planning ahead try getting those thick plastic sandwich bags with the thing that slides across the top to zip them shut, once your equipment is fuelled&the excess removed put the heads in the bags and that'll keep them from evaporating

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Posted:when we performe we will soak,spin off and light cause the way our intro works is we will tap the heads on the ground(which is always a hard surface that cant catch on fire)right after lighting and the extra fuel that is still on the heads comes off and makes awesome effects like fire tracks but other than that as long as u spin off really good u can light right after or at least i do just becareful about buzzsaws hyperloops and orbitals at the start cause even if u feel like u have spun off really good those trick will show u if u did or not

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