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Hey everyone, I'm a game design student at the Academy of Art University. Introducing PoiBoy, with dynamic tribal trance and fire-spinning goodness. Use your Poi to protect the tribe from the invading spirits. The first version is a template demo of the game, and the second is the complete version with art and music. There doesn't seem to be so many poi/game topics so if anyone has ideas on what could be in a video game about Poi then post here. Enjoy.

PoiBoy 2:
made in 3 weeks

PoiBoy 1:
made in 1 week

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Wow, thanks for sharing friend. I got totally spaced out when the spiders came at me on level three. You are awesome, keep up the good work and studies. Now I am going back to play some more. I am about to anti-spin flowers on these spiders and moths. Sweet! Gosh, level 10 is killer, couldn't beat it, tried so hard!
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Should make one for the wii with two of those neat controllers. It'd be just like spinning Poi, only nerdier.

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