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Posted:Hi everyone =)
I was wondering what fuel you find best for fire eating. I currently am using Coleman's Kerosene, but I am not happy with it. It makes a lot of black smoke and smells bad, I can't breathe because of all the smoke it makes! I probably am using the wrong fuel =/
Any suggestions? And do any of you have smokey problems?

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Asraiya On Fire

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Posted:Kerosene is just nasty in general, in my opinion...

I only use white gas or naphtha for fire eating! It's ultra refined petroleum that's flammable instead of oily combustible stuff so it burns hotter & cleaner which means no more black smokiness but it is more likely to ignite on accident so ya gotta be a bit more careful when transporting & handling it, alright?

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Posted:Yes Kerosene is baaaad. Go for the colemans fuel that is NOT kerosene. It should be in a metal jug and just says "Coleman's camp fuel"

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