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Posted:Hi there, I have really taken an interest in Poi and my flowtoys and really want to make it a big hobby of mine.
So i went an ordered flowlights with the flowmass and cases, along with cole cords swivel and quicklinks. They all came pretty much ready to spin out of the package. but I just can't get anything to go right when I follow the videos.
plus my Poi really looks weird in terms of setup. what is the proper setup for this? I'm speaking in terms of knots... where the swivels should go, where the quicklinks go. how to tie it. some say the swivels should be up at the handle?
any kind of direction that would get my setup how its suppose to be would be great!

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Posted:There are a number of possible ways of setting up flowlights.
This thread is a recent one asking pretty much the same question, so it might help. smile

Originally Posted By: "My post from the other thread"Well, it depends on if your handles and your cords/chains attach directly to the swivels. If they do not, then you will need a way of linking them. It also depends on where you are putting the swivels.

Common set ups:
handle - link - swivel - link - cord/chain - link - swivel - link- head
handle - cord/chain - link - swivel - link - head
handle - cord/chain - head
handle - link - swivel - link - cord/chain - head

In your case, with Colecord, you can simply tie the cord to the swivel. Depending on which of the above set ups you go for, you may only need to link the swivel to the handle and find a way to link the cord to the crystal case, so four links in total.

My own set up goes handle - Colecord - crystal case, although I am planning to change this soon.

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