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Posted:wonder I was thinking of getting a green and blue one of these LED Glowsticks, Target store But when I looked at the casing, and found they took 3 A76 batts I wasn't so sure anymore. Cause A76 batts are not cheap unless someone knows a good site to buy from.
-Are A76s High life batts for continuous use - store states the glowsticks will last 200hrs...

Was also thinking of buying them (for casing) to then replace the LED lights with ones that will run on AAA rechargables.

Now maybe thinking of buying two crystal cases, two rechargeable AAA, and then some LED lights and make my own system. Does anyone know a good place to get bright LEDs for a good price that will run on AAAs for a long time?
(trying to do things this way cause I dont really have a lot of money)
The LED glowsticks are like $6.

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Posted:spun em. Broke em. not worth it.

honestly, the method for you to build them isn't going to be terribly cheaper or great unless you are already pretty adept at it. Every time I've tried or seen others try (those with little background in wiring and electrical things), the contraptions ended up a bit Frankenstein-ish.

best cheap method I found is taping 2 LED taplights to the halves of tennis balls that I'd stuffed to weight and dropping the whole contraption into colored socks. Not fancy but worked well. I had to sew a bit of velcro to the inside of the sock and glue it to the bottom of the tennis ball to prevent it from sliding around though.

As long as the LEDs were pointing up the sock, the whole thing glowed alright for fun stuff. But its too ramshackle for performance gigs.

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Posted:I've had some luck with the Sylvania Lite Sticks as backup glow sticks. The string out of the package is a bit stretchy, and they don't feel like the most durable ever. But I spun a pair of them as backup poi for about 5 years before they broke. They're not as nice as a lot of the options out there, but they work.
You can get A76 sized batteries in bulk on Amazon. I got a sheet of 50 for 5 bucks a few years back, and haven't needed to buy more since.

Building your own LED equipment that can survive repeated droppings is pretty darned hard. If you don't mind that they're a bit dimmer, you can use get some of those light-up LED balls, and toss them into socks. I frequently find them in clearance stores for 3 bucks.