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Forums > Help! > My Poi fell in the pool...What Now?

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Posted:Long story short i was messing around with unlit poi by the pool and one fell in. its soaked. tried soaking in fuel and re lighting but the burns only last a few seconds and they are very weak. air drying out of sunlight now but im worried i might have really screwed them up. any advice?

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Posted:im taking that theyre standard kevlar wicks? I cant see a reason why it would have messed them up? I havnt used fire wicks but i guess making sure they are entirely dry will get the burn time back up to scratch. Try putting them in a hot dry area such as near the boiler? Let me know how it does smile


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Posted:well they were monkey fists, idk if that would have any other effects but im drying them out now i guess we'll find out in a few hours.


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Posted:I've had torches get soaked. I just kept burning them over and over again lighting one with the other and the burn time started creeping back up to normal level as the wick was heating up and the water evaporating from it. Letting into a hot dry area or letting it dry in the sun should work pretty well, just not as fast as what I did laugh3 Not as practical with big wick though. You could always try soaking them in gasoline later, take the chain off maybe, stand back a little and light them. Also blow hard at them before or as you light so fumes don't build up. Gasoline burns much hotter and would cause the water to evaporate out of the wicks faster, and cheaper. I hope your wick turns out alright.

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Posted:I got home from work and it was a little damp still but took them to my friends house and starting burning. at first the one went out about 2 or 3 min. before the other. two burns later they were both burning bright and ending about about the same time.I guess letting them air dry for so long did the trick.


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