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Hi everyone I am interested in starting an object manipulation non profit. The idea is to teach skills to disadvantaged and at risk youth. It would be in the vain of but teach object manipulation instead of yoga. I tried this briefly at an orphanage in Mexico and it seemed to go over well.

I am interested in meeting or talking to people that may be interested in the same thing, or know someone that has done a similar project. I know of spark circus, performers without boarders, and several non profit circus collectives. If anyone knows of other non profits in this vain please let me know as it would be good to have a database. Perhaps someday there could be a larger non profit that would organize funding events and sponsor other programs (could the new fund the Flow Arts do such a thing?). I would also like to know if I should try and set up a new non profit or try and run my project through one that already exists. I did read a post by Pele about setting up a non profit and it sounds like a lot of work.

I am thinking for now I will try and start a program in Colombia, volunteer my time and put my own money in to buy gear for students. I will see how it goes and hopefully get some photos and testimonials to try and build up something bigger. If the program is successful, and more people would like to get involved, then perhaps it would be a good idea to get non profit status and try and get some funding. Does anyone know of grant possibilities?

If there is anyone that might be interested in something like this or has any ideas or advice please let me know.



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think its a nice idea. could be alot of work, i would suggest you try not to follow others and go with ur instincts , make people happy. Trying to turn something you enjoy into an enterprise or business even if it is non profit im not sure about that - remember the saying 'do not mix business and pleasure' its a hit or miss but it might take the joy out of it.

best wishes tho if u need any help in the uk let me know x

xXx Kayleigh xXx

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I would be willing to talk about any questions you may have about non-profits in general and incorporating the Flow Arts into that. I am co-founder and director of creative services for a non-profit for the arts and we incorporate object manipulation, dance movement and circus arts into some of our programing.

Feel free to pm me for with any questions you may have, and be mindful that Kayleigh is correct to an extent that it business and pleasure do not mix and a non-profit can be quite a bit of work in the begining.

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