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Posted:I did my 2nd (and 3rd) burn last Saturday night.

I tried a couple of new moves that I was nervous about, so the transition in and out of them isn't as smooth as I'd like.

Especially the buzz saw, after which one of my finger loops came loose and I had to stop to slip it back on the finger. I also need to work on making my wraps faster/smoother/less detectable but I'm really just happy not to have burned my face wink

Here is the video of the 2nd burn

2nd burn with bad dancing and butt shaking

Also, I posted a question on the Social Discussion board regarding cotton blend versus 100% cotton. I have two burns coming up this weekend and my 100% cotton hoodie won't be here yet (I'm growing wearly of the race t-shirt and wool hat.

It's still getting down into the 30's here at night so I can't just braid and wet my hair.

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