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Posted:Is there any tricks that are useful to learn before doing other tricks? for instance i think learning how to do butterflies first is probably easier than doing low waves >.< im not sure if im making any sense, its late at night and im kind of exhausted.

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Posted:Unless they directly build on each other, not really.

TTN before butterfly would be highly unusual. Flowers before a 5bt weave? Sure.

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Posted:I suggest learning a 5bt weave before the 3bt weave. it'll make the 3bt REALLY simple.


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Posted:I learned many tricks in order in this post. Great post! I like your site.

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Posted:yeah it would make it easier...I still cant do a reverse 5bt weave. I started with the 3bt forward then went to reverse the nwentto forward 5 bt. However that was easiest for me. Learn them in what ever order you want. Any poi move can go into a different one, so it doesnt really matter